John Webster Glass Art
My Approach

Photo of John Webster glass artist.

John Webster glass artist at work.

I work in glass, creating sculptural cast glass and carved architectural glass. These two types of work come from different sources of inspiration and have very different technical requirements.

Sculptural pieces are informed by opportunities for light manipulation. I use all aspects of the sculpture to achieve the desired effect: internal and external shapes and surfaces, angles, glass thickness, colors and densities. Additionally, the empty space inside, lighting, and environment influence how each piece looks and changes. When natural lighting is available, time-of-day, season, and weather are also factors. These pieces do not present a singular stagnant presence; they change with the light and viewing angle.

Clear carved glass was inspired by the idea of decorating doors or windows without blocking the outside view. Unlike traditional frosted, etched or carved glass, you can see through clear carved glass. My proprietary polishing process does not leave any coating on the glass but just polishes it. Commission pieces are developed in close collaboration with the client. Technical requirements, subjects, themes and inspiration are discussed. I develop a preliminary drawing, modifications are suggested and iterations created until a final design is agreed upon. Then the piece is made and installed.